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Are the prices listed on mxdomains.mx negotiable and does mxdomains accept offers?

If you are so inclined, please go ahead and send us an email with your offer. We will always consider your offer and may determine that we are willing to accept less than our asking price. Sometimes we determine that our asking price is the lowest that we can go and other times we find that our price is too low and adjust it accordingly.

Therefore, when submitting an offer, keep in mind that there is a chance that we might adjust the price up instead of down. Also, while we review your offer, the domain remains available for others to purchase using Buy It Now, in which case we will no longer be able to sell it to you.

How do I pay for the domain?

When buying a domain from us, your transaction is processed and protected by Escrow.com, a licensed U.S. escrow company. This makes the transaction more secure by keeping the payment in a secure escrow account which is only released when all of the terms of the agreement are met by both parties. Escrow.com accepts PayPal, credit card and wire transfer.

Since you pay Escrow.com and not mxDomains.mx, Escrow.com can withhold payment until they are satisfied the domain name has been transferred by us. One of the ways Escrow.com does this is by checking the WHOIS database of the appropriate Registrar to make certain it properly reflects the new Buyer's name as the domain name Registrant. Once this has been verified, Escrow.com releases payment to mxDomains.mx.

Buyer benefits using the services of Escrow.com:

  • Peace of mind, security, and convenience
  • Assured domain name transfer prior to paying Seller
  • Ability to confirm domain ownership directly with the registrar before the Seller is paid
  • Ability to pay by wire transfer and in some cases PayPal, check, money order, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) Restrictions Apply
  • Ability to send credit card information to a financial institution, not a stranger
  • Easy access to live customer support by phone or email
How does the transfer process with Escrow work?

  • The Buyer and Seller agree to terms - After registering at Escrow.com, both parties agree to terms of the transaction, which includes the domain name(s) and sale price.
  • The Buyer pays Escrow.com - The Buyer submits a payment, selecting wire transfer or in some cases PayPal, credit card (American Express, MasterCard and Visa) or check/money order. Escrow.com verifies good funds and updates the website to prompt the seller to transfer the domain. Payment options and Process times vary.
  • The Seller indicates the domain name transfer process has started - After payment is secure, the seller is prompted to work with the buyer and the registrar to transfer the domain ownership to the buyer. Each domain registrar has a different procedure to transfer domain ownership.
  • Domain registration transferred by the registrar - The inspection period is started once the Buyer indicates control or Escrow.com confirms the WHOIS information reflects the Buyer's customer profile. The Buyer confirms full control through the registrar and accepts the domain on the Escrow.com site.
  • The Seller is paid by Escrow.com - When Escrow.com can verify the domain has been transferred to the Buyer and the inspection period has ended, the Seller is paid. The transaction is complete.

Who do the domains listed on mxDomains.mx belong to?

All of the domains that you see listed on mxDomains.mx belong to Michael Crichton.  He has been buying and selling domains since 1999 and specializes in domains from Mexico.  Most of his portfolio consists of domains with .com.mx and .mx extensions.  Michael is fluent in Spanish, having lived for many years in Mexico.  He currently resides in Southern California.

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